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Tomatoes! I tried something new this year in celebrations of the last Hollows tour. Individual stores joined with me in an effort to raise a few tomatoes for their local food banks, and though I suggested tomatoes, many people brought in other, very welcome foodstuffs. As you can see by the pictures below, your generosity was tremendous. I am so grateful to the stores who took part since I went merrily on my way and they were the unsung heroes who took them to their local food bank. Thanks, guys. You really are the best.


Joseph-Beth, Cincinnati, OH (more pictures)

Schuler's Grand Rapids, MI (more pictures)

Barnes and Noble, Carmel, Indiana (more pictures)

Books-A-Million, Hanover, MD (more pictures)

Quail Ridge Books, Raleigh, NC (more pictures)

Barnes and Noble, Orlando, FL (more pictures)

Barnes and Noble, Tampa, FL (more pictures)

Joseph-Beth, Lexington, KY (more pictures)

Warren Public Library, Bowling Green, KY (more pictures)

Books-A-Million, Birmingham, AL (more pictures)

Powell's Books, Portland, OR (more pictures)

Tattered Cover, Denver, CO (more photos)

Copperfield Books, Petaluma (San Francisco) CA (more pictures)

The Poison Pen, Phoenix, AZ
Unfortunately the picture of the tomatoes didn't turn out as it was already in the trunk and on the way to the food bank before I knew it, but you guys came out in a wonderful fashion, and I heard there was over a hundred pounds of food that we were able to give to the local food bank. Your generosity never fails to amaze me. Thank you, guys. You rock!
(more pictures)

George R.R. Martin theatere: Jean Cocteau Cinema
This event was not advertised as a donation spot, but we got a few tomatoes anyway! Thanks, guys! They did get to the local food bank. (more pictures)

Barnes and Noble, Dallas TX (more pictures)

Books-A-Million, Tulsa, OK (more pictures)

Murder by the Book, Houston, TX (more pictures)

Nicola's Books, Ann Arbor, MI (more pictures)

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