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Yep, that's me and Mr. George RR Martin as he warms up the crowd at his theater in Santa Fe, the Jean Cocteau Cinema. It is an intimate theater, with a live bar and attention on the details. Just beautiful. It's encouraging when something loved is restored and honored, and that's exactly what happened here. If you get the chance to catch a flick at the theater, do so! But there was no film that night, and George and I chatted for a while before we opened up the floor for Q&A and then the signing in the lobby.

It was one of the more pleasant places I've signed at, and yes, I left signed stock! They have a great selection of signed stock from a lot of authors who have passed through before, so if you're in the area, drop the address into your GPS and check it out.

And I had roadies! Thanks guys for waiting until the end so we could get that all-important shot. Just click the image to get to the high res one for yourself.

It wasn't advertised as a tomato donation spot, but George assures me that they will get to the local food bank. Thank you for bringing them out!

Bunny cam photos! These are the shots you take for me while you are waiting in line. I love seeing all those smiling faces. :-) Thanks, guys! I hope I can come back when Peri comes out. We'll do the tomato thing up right!

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