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My Portland roadies! Or more specifically, Powell's in Beaverton. We had a wonderful crowd despite the agonizing traffic due to 23 being shut down. Both Richard Kadrey and I were late, but everyone was so patient and all the books were signed.

The crowd, showing off their copies. We're a few weeks out from the drop date now, and everyone is being really good about no spoilers in the Q&A, but I'm fielding more at my table when I sign. (And that's ok!)

Richard Kadrey (The Getaway God) and I in the Q&A. Someone asked why were we doing events together when we could both hold events on our own, and we kind of looked at each other and shrugged. It's all about widening our respective demographics. :-)

I remember this family from my previous visits to Portland. And yes, they read the books. :-)

We got tomatoes! Even Pre-turn tomatoes!

Peter, Me, Richard, and Renee. If you're even in the Beaverton store, they'll help you find what you need. They run a fabulous event. I left lots of signed stock, so if the traffic killed your plans, they do have a signed book, first edition!

Thank you so much for your generosity. These will be going to a local food bank. It is amazing the smiles I see when you are dropping them off. You guys are truly the best.

And the bunny cam photos! Thank you so much for coming out and braving that traffic!

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