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And so the final Hollows tour starts! Here is a nice shot of my tour bus. (No! Just kidding. It was in town for the game, and I'd never seen it before.)

Actually, I got into Cincy early on Sunday so to avoid that 3 am wake up/flight on Monday. My amazing publicist got me a media spot on Good Morning Cincinnati, and Shela was game to discussing vampires and witches in Cincinnati--though I could almost hear her thoughts when I told her most of the paranormals lived on the Kentucky side of things. ;-) Good Morning Cincinnati *video*

I actually had time to go to the zoo and check out the African exhibit before the midnight release party. It wasn't open in July when I was in town to do the tunnel spots, and it was so pleasant to be sitting above the savanna eating my fries and pink lemonade, watching the lions watch the ostriches. Ah . . . you guys don't know how good you've got it.

And then the signing. "Mother pus bucket!" as Al would say. The midnight release party at Joseph-Beth in Cincinnati was amazing! I couldn't believe the number of people who came out and lasted until we handed the books out at midnight.

The roadies were awesome. I don't think I've EVER seen so many tour ts in one spot--other than my dining room table, of course. We even had a burning bunny and pixy. (click for a high res photo for yourself)

And then there were the tomatoes. You guys truly are the best. They will be going to the local soup kitchen, and are much appreciated. So thank you for making me look good. Honestly, I almost couldn't pick up the one can of tomatoes. The woman who brought it in got a unique set of Hollows bus token earrings that the store made up for extra give always. We won't have them for the other stores, but we will have the totes (which you can see in some of the pictures below) and a couple of tour t's to give away at each stop.

While I was signing, you guys went a little crazy with the bunny cam. Thanks, guys. It wouldn't have happened if not for you. :-)


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