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The Hollows Series  Here you'll find excerpts of the first pages and any reissue covers.
       The series book order, including novellas and shorts .

Shorts and Novellas Excerpts of the first pages.

Madison Avery

Princess Series

Truth Books

To contact me:  I've had to limit my email correspondence due to "overload" but I'm still responding (almost daily) to posts here at the web site at the Drama Box/Blog page.  If you need to contact me concerning any rights revolving about the books, please email my agent Richard Curtis directly, since he's the man and I probably can't help you.  For business matters, I can be reached at my email address, but please, I'd rather field everything else at the drama box.  I will not respond to private emails unless they are of a business nature. Please use the posting feature at the drama box page to contact me for non-business-related comments.  I will gladly talk to you there.  Requests for cover quotes should go through Richard as well.  I want to stay accessible, and this is how I'm going to try to do it. 

You can also find me on Facebook | Kim Harrison

FAQs  I know you never go look before you post, but here they are.  ;-)

Like your Copy Signed?  We have options. Want to purchase one already signed?  I have a few outlets on the same page.

Occasionally I have freebies.  Here is where you'll find them.

Can't find the books?  I've got a list for you of big-box, independents, and oversea outlets

The Music, because that's where the soul of the story resides.

Takata's Lyrics  He writes them through me, but I'm not enough of a musician to compose his music.

Events Here's where I've been and where I'm going.

Picture Pages  I like to keep a few pictures from signings.  Here's where they are, way at the bottom of the events page. 

I also have a page devoted to real sites mentioned in the books.

Bits and Bobs. This is my miscellaneous page.  On it, I have a few extras penned by Rachel concerning her fellow Inderland species, a brief timeline, a short holiday piece, and a banner you can upload to your computer for your personal use, and just what are burning bunnies, anyway?

Author Bio 

Media Page  Professional bio, stats, high-res photos, links to current interviews and pod casts, all freely available for media use.

Inquires upon book rights can be made by contacting Richard Curtis.

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