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A little explanation might be in order.  My muse exists in music.   Logic maps the story, but music gives it its soul and sends my characters in directions that surprise even me. what I'm left with is an eclectic handful of songs that—in my thoughts—relate to certain scenes or more typically, relationships between characters.  Some authors cast their books with popular actors/actresses.   I'd rather cast the music as it connects more directly to my creative process.  Below are a few of the songs I think suit the Hollows.  Have a suggestion?  Feel free to jump on over to the Hollows Playlist If you'e looking for Takat's lyrics, they're HERE


~~~~~~~~ Rachel ~~~~~~~~

The songs I've found that I feel relate to Rachel cover a wonderfully wide span.  Fiona Apple's "Criminal" has begun to resonate in me lately. Coldplay's "Lost" seems to fit Rachel pretty wel, too.  (I really like this group.)  And in regards to her love life, "I'm not Over" by Carolina Liar is a nice fit.  "Believe" by The Bravery, has captured my attention in regards to Rachel's latest fix with Al.  And since the release of The Outlaw Demon Wails, I can share with you the song "Temptation" by Garbage.  But possibly the closest song I've found that fits her future is from NIN, "The Line Begins To Blur."  Breaking Benjamin's "Breathe," seems to capture Rachel after Kisten almost perfectly.  After seeing the "Lithium" video from Evanescence, I was full of thoughts of Rachel in the Ever-After. 


On her lighter, push-on-regardless attitude, Fiona Apple's "Extraordinary Machine" casts a fantastic light.  Going back a ways is Alice Cooper's "Own Worst Enemy," which casts a good light on her day-to-day mishaps.  One that ties in with Trent is "Metal Heart" by Garbage.  "Have You Ever" by The Offspring, and "Save Yourself" from Stabbing Westward are also good for getting a feel for Rachel.  "Passive" off A Perfect Circle's eMOTION fits her, though I'm torn yet as to who else it relates too.


As her story progresses, NiN's "Down in it" has a special meaning, as does "Kinda I Want To" and "Sin."  "Suicide Note" by Johnette Napolitano on the Underworld soundtrack has begun to cast shadows on Ivy and Rachel's ever evolving, complex relationship.  And "Thinking of You," by A Perfect Circle has whispers of Rachel and Ivy in it.   As she finds herself pulled deeper into the Hollow's underworld, "Fields of Innocence" by Evanescence seems to fit more and more.



~~~~~~~~ Ivy ~~~~~~~~

Ivy's character is one of the most complex I've ever tried to sketch with my pen, and she's claimed a correspondingly large portion of music.  I understand her motivations, but she remains a mystery to even me at times, a confusing mix of human vulnerabilities and vampiric drives. 


Most recently I found a song by Cake, "Short Skirt/Long Jacket" that made me smile and think of Ivy.  Death Cab For Cutie, "I will Possess Your Heart" is another one.  It seems to hit Ivy's mindset concerning Rachel, whether Rachel agrees or not.  On the other side of Ivy is "Pearls" by Sade From the smooth silky jazz sound to the soulful lyrics of a woman struggling to be . . . who she wants to be, it has Ivy all over it.  Thanks to my link to "all things cool and musical," I found a Garbage track, "Never Be Free" that just about knocked me down at how well it resonated with Ivy and her thoughts on Rachel.  Going back to a few near-past albums, I found "Wish" from NIN to be an excellent fit for Ivy's frustrations--especially on a bad day.  Stabbing Westward and their track "What Do I have To Do?" is scrumptious at nailing Ivy's inner dilemma.  "So What" by Jeff Beck hits her other side.  The power, the intensity.  It's all there in a sleek black package.  Yummy.


"Faint" by Linkin Park, "Silhouettes" by Smile Empty Soul, and "Everybody's Fool" were all all suggested by readers, (I'm sorry, I can't remember who) and now that I've had a chance to get a good listen, I wholeheartedly agree.  Kip Winger's "Faster" has Ivy all over it.  NiN's "Terrible lie" "Sanctified" and "Something I Can Never Have" are good matches to the plot lines, too.  "Gravity" by A Perfect Circle is a good, too, but it's a bit too collected, not quite confused enough. Evanescence's "Away from Me" gave me chills at how close it fit Ivy's predicament.


Ivy's fall from grace I first heard in Duran Duran's, "Save a Prayer."  (Okay, now you're laughing at me or sitting there with a puzzled look wondering who Duran Duran is.  I told you it was an eclectic stack of music.)  And I saw who pushed her into falling after hearing Evanescence's "Going Under." 


Finally, there have been a few songs that relate to both Rachel and Ivy, but the one that I feel captures the situation best has got to be "My Immortal" by Evanescence.  The power and depth of that piece of music has left a mark on me, and won't let go.



~~~~~~~~ Jenks ~~~~~~~~

Track ten on the Ocean's Eleven soundtrack, "Planting the Seed," fits Jenks flitting about as a gardener.  Thanks to Tim from Tenn., I found "Peter Gunn" done by Henry Mancini.  It fits fantastically.  (Think The Blues Brothers)  Jenks's son, Jax, gets into trouble thanks to "Red-Tape" from Agent Provocateur, which is also on the Underworld soundtrack.  And please don't write to tell me the song isn't really about little thieves.  Inspiration is where you find it.   ;-)



~~~~~~~~ Kisten ~~~~~~~~

"Thinking of You," by A Perfect Circle seems to fit Kisten.  Also from A Perfect Circle is "Weak and Powerless."   But the best fit for Kisten I've found so far is "Never Say Never," from Queens of the Stone Age off the Punisher soundtrack  The depth of that piece is hidden by the ego-testical attitude of the refrain--just like Kisten's depth is shrouded under a carefully constructed front to disarm and beguile.  NiN's "The Only Time" fits a plot line that Kisten wiggled his way into. 



~~~~~~~~ Kisten & Rachel ~~~~~~~~

With the advent of certain events in the books, Kisten's music has taken a definite turn.  Breathe by Breaking Benjamin fits really, really well as a way to capture Rachel's emotions.  Gave me goose bumps.



~~~~~~~~~ Trent ~~~~~~~~~

I'm slowly finding music to fit Trent's outlook on life and his goals.  Most recently, I've found "DOA" by the Foo Fighters, which at first I though had a too-upbeat feel, but Trent's got to have a good day occasionally, and the line "dancing with the bones of my buried past" just hit me as extremely apropos.  Going back to some early Police, "Murder by Numbers" seems to work well.  "Untouchable" by Garbage works with Trent, too.  A piece of music off the Queen of the Damned soundtrack fits Trent Kalamack fairly well, especially the lyrics that Stephanie McKay sings.  Try track 13, "Excess" by Tricky.  If Trent believes in anything, it's people.  "Guilty" by Gravity Kills and  "The American Way" by The Crystal Method hits his drug-lord persona perfectly. 



~~~~~~~~~ Takata ~~~~~~~~~

Oddly enough, I'm just now starting to find music that evokes Takata to me.  Perhaps because he is my musician?  Anyway, Nickelback's "Rockstar" is perfect.  Especially the line, "Trade this life for fortune and fame."  Dig a little farther back, and the Eagles "Life's Been Good" (to me so far) hits Takata, very nicely.  I've always loved that song, and now I have an excuse to play it to death.  (grin)



~~~~~~~~~ Newt ~~~~~~~~~

Newt is absolutely nuts, which has no reflection on the bands that I've found to relate to her.  ;-)  Guy told me about Ozzy Osbourne's latest, and after listening to "I'm Not Going Away" I totally agree with his assessment that it is Newt from front to back.  Two more that bring Newt to mind are NiN's "Only" and "Every Day is Exactly the Same."  I'm expecting more from this character, so I'm curious myself as to what is going to show up here to reflect on Newt.



~~~~~~~~~ Piscary ~~~~~~~~~

A fellow music aficionado suggested "Sympathy for the Devil" by Guns and Roses, and after playing it to death, I realized it cast wonderful shadows on Piscary, one of Cincinnati's Master vampires, though you will all have to wait until book two to see what I mean.  "Pet" and "Lullaby" by A Perfect Circle strike close to home with Piscary as well in regards to warping his scions.  Piscary's restaurant after Kisten assumes management brings to mind Rob Zombie's "Living Dead Girl."  Think line-dancing vampires.  Yes.  Line-dancing vampires.  I only hope Rob will forgive me.



~~~~~~~~ Big Al ~~~~~~~~

I finally found a piece of music that reminded me of Big Al, my demon in crushed green velvet and smoked glasses.  Try "Mr. Tinkertrain" by Ozzy Osbourne.



~~~~~~~~~~ Nick ~~~~~~~~~~

It took a while, but I'm finally nailing down a few pieces of music that I can relate to Nick.  From Kip Winger, comes "Sure was a Wildflower."  "That's What I Get" from NiN works really well, too.



~~~~~~~~~~ Ceri ~~~~~~~~~

Audioslave's "Doesn't Remind Me" casts shadows on Ceri and her efforts to resume a normal life after her servitude.



~~~~~~~~ Seduction ~~~~~~~~

As the plotlines progress, I'm finding myself collecting a few pieces of music of seduction, and in the spirit of avoiding spoilers, I'm not saying whom they relate to.  Dipping wa-a-a-ay back, I found Sting's "I Burn for You," which has a hidden thread of evil in it if you are looking (subtle . . .) and a crystalline purity that gives it a delicious threat.  Evanescence's "Even in Death," which is terribly tragic.  But in my thoughts, I have yet to find a more seductive piece of music than "New Years Prayer" by Jeff Buckley off his sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk.  Sigh. You may have heard it before as it's used as the beginning music for The Dead Zone, but the real thing is oh so much more (languorous stretch) seductive. . . .  Also from Jeff Buckley is "Lilac Wine" which has all the markings of an old jazz song, and "You and I."



~~~~~~~~ The Ever-After ~~~~~~~~

I found, thanks to The-Guy-In-The-Leather-Jacket, a piece of music that is remarkably close to my idea of the ever-after.  A Perfect Circle's remake of Lennon's "Imagine."  Think of a red-smeared sky and a broken city skyline, and you've just about got it.



What you've said in the past:



Blondie: "One Way, or Another

Clash (the): "Should I Stay or Should I Go"

Evanescence: "Going under" "Whisper" "Thoughtless" "Bring Me to Life" (with Kisten) "Salvation"

Fiona Apple: "Criminal" (with Nick)

Garbage: "I Think I'm Paranoid" "The Trick Is To Keep Breathing"

Linkin Park: "Faint"

Metallica: "Unforgiven II" (with Kisten) "FUEL"

Nickleback: "Feelin' Way Too Damn Good"

NIN: "Demon Seed"

Stabbing Westward: "Waking Up Beside You"

U2: "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" (in conjunction with her father)

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Crystal Method: "Jaded"

Evanescence: "Away from Me" "Bring Me to Life" "Haunted" "Lies" "Wash it all Away" "Where Will You Go" "Thoughtless" "Farther Away" "Missing" "Solitude"

Garbage: "Wicked Ways" "Supervixen"  "Alice In Chains" "Got Me Wrong" "Trip My Wire" "I'd die for you"

Guns N' Roses: "Black Leather"

Lacuna Coil: "Heavens a Lie"

Linkin Park: "Numb" "One Step Closer"

Nickelback: "Savin' Me"

NIN:  "Happiness in Slavery" "Becoming" "Right Where it Belongs"

Pink: "Don't Let Me Get Me"

Papa Roach: "Scars"

Sarah McLachlan: "Fallen"

Stabbing Westward: "Haunting Me"

Tom Petty: "Mary Jane's Last Dance"

Tool: "Sober"

Within Temptation: "Stand my ground"

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Ivy and Rachel: 

Audioslave: "Show me how to live"

Breaking Benjamin: "Cold"

Creed: "Arms Wide Open"

Coldplay: "Fix You"

Depeche Mode: "Sweetest Perfection" "Home" "I Want You Now" "Personal Jesus"

Disturbed: "Guarded"

Evanescence: "My Last Breath" "My Immortal" "Whisper" "Haunted" "Breathe No More" "Surrender" "Where Will You Go" "Bleed No More" "Taking Over Me"

Garbage: "Dumb""#1 Crush" "Never Be Free"

Godsmack: "Forgive Me"

Joan Jett: "I Hate Myself For Loving You"

Lita Ford and Ozzy: "Close My Eyes Forever"

Marilyn Manson: "Personal Jesus"

Meridith Brooks: "What would Happen if we kiss?"

NIN: "We're In This Together"

Queens of the Stone Age: "Blood is Love"

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Crystal Method: "Vapor Trail"

Combustible Edison: "Vertigogo"

Henry Mancini: "Peter Gunn"

James Gang: "Funk #49"

Moby: "Electricity"

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Depeche Mode: "I want you now"

Drowning pool: "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor"

Garbage: "Vow"

Kiss: "King of the Nighttime World"

Korn: "Throw Me"

Nickelback: "Savin' Me"

NiN: "Head like a hole" "The Had That Feeds" "Last" "Closer" "Perfect Drug"

U2: "Even Better Than the Real Thing"

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Blondie: "One Way Or Another" (with Rachel)

Crystal Method: "The American Way"

Garbage: "Temptation waits"

Killers (the): "All These Things That I've Done"

Papa Roach: "Getting Away w/ Murder" "Blood"

Three Days Grace: "Now or Never"

Tricky: "I Believe" off Queen of the Damned

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Audio Bully: "Snake"

Cake: "You're Never There"

Chris Cornell: "Can't Change Me"

NIN: "Love Is Not Enough" (with Rachel)

Stabbing Westward: "Sometimes it Hurts"

Static X: "Love Dump" (with Rachel)

Three Days Grace: "Wake Up"

Zakk: "Sold my Soul"

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APC: "Sleeping beauty"

Blackmore's Night: "Ghost of a Rose"

Depeche Mode: "Master and Servant"

Led Zeppelin: "dazed and confused"

Simple Plan: "Welcome to my life"

Smashing Pumpkins: "Eye"

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Johnny Cash: Solitary Man

Motley Crue: "Girls Girls Girls"

Toby Keith: "I Should've Been a Cowboy"



Genesis: "Hollywood Nocturne"

Linkin Park: "System" (with Ivy)

Metallica: "Through the Never"

NIN: "Big Man With a Gun"

Rolling Stone: "Sympathy for the Devil"

Static X: "Cold"

Submersed: "In Due Time" (with Ivy)

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Big Al: 

Godsmack: "Realign" "Serenity" "Chevelle The Red"

Muse: "Hysteria"

Nickleback: "Never Again " (with Rachel)

Offspring: Come Out and Play"

Paul Simon: "Call Me Al"

Rob Zombie: "I'm Your Boogieman" "Demonspeeding"

White Zombie: "Super-Charger Heaven"

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Kidney Theives: "Dyskrasia"

Led Zepplin: "Kashmir"

Puddle of Mudd: "Psycho"

Rush: "Nocturne"

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Animals: "House of the rising sun"

Big Bad Voodoo Daddies: "Sleep Tight"

Bon Jovi: "My Gituar Lies Bleeding in my Arms."

David Draiman: "Foresaken"

Hooters (the): "500 Miles" "Graveyard Waltz"

Kamelot: "Lost and Damned"

Kitaro: "Lady of Dreams"


Seductive Music:

Charles Mingus: "Goodbye Pork pie Hat"

Deftones; "Change"

Duran Duran: "The Chauffer"

Evanescence: "Good Enough"

Fiona Apple: "Slow Like Honey"

Garbage: "Milk"

NIN: "the fragile"

Suzanne Vega: "Caramel"

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Elfen Lied: "Lilium"

Godsmack: "realign"

The Kiss: "Fractured Mirror."

Nevermore; "Enemies of Reality"

Nightwish: "Planet Hell"

Pink Floyd: "Good Bye Blue Sky"

Radiohead: "The Gloaming"

Shriekback: "Nemesis"

Ten Years: "Wasteland"

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