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I hit the tarmac on the twenty-seventh, but before that was a local signing at Charlotte NC.
Charlotte, NC Park Road Books

Front and back of the OUTLAW TOUR 2008 shirts! It was so cool seeing them out there!  Thanks guys!  The who-read-the-book count was two, and they had ARCs.


San Francisco, CA Copperfield Books
I had a great time at Copperfield Books, hiding in the basement talking the Hollows with used-book guru Art, and then it was upstairs for the event--which went fabulous!  Lots of good questions.


Books Inc.

I signed in silicon valley next, to a fantastic crowd.  Lots of burning bunnies and even a few familiar faces.  The Q&A was lively!  We had one shirt slow in getting to it's new owner, but we got her in the picture anyway.

Who-read-the-book count was three.  No ARCs.



San Diego, CA  Mysterious Galaxy

And in San Diego, my favorite independent store is Mysterious Galaxy.



Seattle, WA Third Place Books

I had a great time at Third Place Books at Lake Forest Park, just outside of Seattle. There were some OUTLAW TOUR 2008 shirts, and the who-read-the-book count was three.  This is a fabulous store, with a huge selection and a cafe.



University Bookstore

University Bookstore in Seattle has got to be one of my favorite independent stores, and this time, I got the entire tour of the place.  Wow.  It's got everything, then some.  There were lots of familiar faces in the crowd, and the who-read-the-book-count was thirteen again.  Here's a shot of me and my roadies.  (grin)



Portland, OR Powell's Books at Cedar Hills Crossing

This was the third time I'd been to Powell's, the second at their new location at Cedar Hills, and the people there were as wonderful as always.  The who-read-the-book count was twenty-two, and the questions were great!  This is a shot of me and my Portland Roadies!


Chicago, IL Borders

My roadies in Chicago, or more accurately, Oakbrook, IL, at the Borders there.  I had a great signing, one of my largest to date, and it was fantastic!  Who-read-the-book count was 19, and we had to slap down only one person who had a somewhat spoiler question.  (grin)  As you can see, I had a lot of roadies to help!The staff at Borders was fantastic, keeping everything moving smoothly before and after the event.  I left signed copies, but had to take the remaining armbands for the last signing.


B & N Arboretum Austin Texas

Barnes and Nobel at the Arboretum in Austin Texas was absolutely wonderful.  The best crowd to date, I think!  The who-read-the-book count was 28, and my roadies were there to make me feel right at home. This is a fabulous store, and I found that the staff really knows their books.



Rock Hill, SC The Book Rack
The Book Rack in Rock Hill is my local store, who has been with me almost forever.  I love signing there, and this year was no exception.  I like local signings because they are more low-key, and as you can see by the photos below, I've more time to relax and talk to the readers.



Barnes and Noble in Roseville, just outside Minneapolis
The B&N in Minneapolis was as fantastic as I remembered.  There was only roadie, but she was enthusiastic! 


Uncle Hugo's, Minneapolis, MN

Two of my roadies at Uncle Hugo's!  I had a nice group of readers, but because it was simply a signing, not an event, I couldn't pull the roadies out for a group picture.


Books & Co. at The Greene Dayton, OH (Cincinnati)
Here I am with the people of Books and Co at the Green in Dayton, just north of Cincinnati.  This is the second time I had signed here, and it was better than ever.


Me and my Books and Co Roadies

There were too many people to count that had read the book, but they were all great in the Q&A, and they didn't spoil anything for the readers who hadn't read The Outlaw Demon Wails.












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