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I put on my traveling boots and hit the tarmac late June 06. 
I've since taken most of the photos down, but left a few for the curious.

The Book Rack, Rock Hill, SC

This is my favorite independent store.  They've been with me for almost forever


Joseph-Beth  Charlotte, NC
I went to Joseph-Beth for the official kick off, and of course, forgot to take any pictures. 
But Nick did, and he was nice enough to send me them.  Thank you, Nick!!


University Book Store Seattle, WA
Duane runs the SF area.  I'm on a chair because he's a big guy.


Powells, Beverton, OR

There's a reason for this picture.  Gail couldn't make it, so she sent her niece.  (big grin)  Hi Gail!


Borderlands, San Francisco, CA

I felt very much at home surrounded by so many people who truly knew books and loved them.


Cincinnati OH. 

(Mmmm, Summerside, actually, across the river.)

Me and and a diehard reader.  He drove three hours to get to Cincy,
then had car trouble on the way back.  But we had a great conversation over coffee first.  ;-) 



Me on a beach.  I tried to stay out of the sun, but my ankles got it good. 


San Diego

And a coffee decompression with those who hung with me to the bitter end.
Thanks, guys.  I'll never forget how pleasant it was.  ;-)  I was so tired, but you made it hard to leave.

And I finished up at Atlanta Georgia at RWA
This is me and Sherrilyn Kenyon.  Between us is the young lady helping Sherrilyn that day.  I like this picture because of all the people at the Romance Writer's Association conference, we three looked the most alike, Goth wise.  (grin)  We're at the CNN building at an offsite signing. 












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