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Professional Organizations, authors whose work I enjoy, websites I frequent, and sources for the books if you are having trouble finding them.


Looking for the books?
Kim recommends . . .

Booksense To find an independent store in your area.
Barnes and Noble
Indi Bound Books
Kim's books at Harper Voyager
Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego
Borderlands in San Francisco
AudiobookStand, a direct market catalog and online marketer of audiobooks.
Rendezvous - The Romance Bookstore  An outlet in Australia to help curb the international shipping cost.
Infinitas Bookshop - science fiction, fantasy and horror books Another outlet in Australia who will ship just about anywhere
www.romancebooksdirect.com.au Another Australian outlet for the books.
Fantasy & Science Fiction:  Link to the website in GB.
SFBC (The Science Fiction Book Club)  Where you can get some of the books in hardcover.
Audio Books
Tantor Audio Books the direct outlet for the first five titles as audio books, though you can get then through normal channels as well.
www.audible.com : another outlet for the titles in an audiobook format.  Audible is the leader in spoken audio information and entertainment on the Internet.    Click here to see the full list of Kim Harrison audiobooks available at www.audible.com
AudiobookStand, a direct market catalog and online marketer of audiobooks.


Professional organizations:
RWA Romance Writers of America. (Of which I'm a member.)
SFWA  Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (of which I'm a member as well.)

Authors whose work I enjoy:
Richard Kadrey
Kaleb Nation 
Jocelynn Drake 
Rachel Vincent 
Vicki Pettersson
Jeaniene Frost
Faith Hunter   
L.A Banks
T.A. Pratt
Keri Arthur
Patricia Briggs 
Diana Gabaldon
Kelley Armstrong 
Jim Butcher
Charlaine Harris
Mark Rude The artist who did many of the pencil drawings for the Hollows insider. Check out his blog. He's got a few Hollows drawings that you won't see in the book. Very cool!
Gwen Hunter  My mentor who kicked the rocks from my path, then dragged me down it as I hopped and skipped, trying to keep up with where she thought I ought to be going.  If you like strong women protagonists, check out her books.
JP Targete. The man who did the original artwork for DWW.  Well worth the look.
Christian McGrath The man who did the artwork for the SFBC editions.
Dawn Cook  Yep, that's me as well.  I have two High Fantasy series published under this name.  Check them out, but be warned these women are not Rachel in a pre-industrial setting.  The voice is very different.

Places I go:

Richard Curtis, my agent, now has a blog. if you're new to the industry or trying to break in, or just trying to get a handle on NY, bookmark this.   Tons of info you can only get from someone who has not only been in the industry forever, but has helped shape it. www.ereads.com

My agent, Richard Curtis. www.curtisagency.com

www.harpercollins.com/kimharrison : HarperCollins has given me web space!  Go check it out.  You'll find content there that I don't put here in addition to past drama box photos, and periodic updates.

HarperVoyager  Harper Voyager is the imprint at Harper where life was breathed into the Hollows, but it is also where my editor, Diana Gill, calls home.  Stop in and see their other authors.

And if you are the type of person who likes things to come to them, you may want to sign up for HarperCollins's   AuthorTracker, which will notify you via e-mail when White Witch, Black Curse, or any of their other authors' books you sign up for, are out.

Harper Voyager is my editor's blog. She puts all kinds of stuff up there about her authors, me included.   ;-) Harper Voyager Books

Harper Audio Books Where they produced The Outlaw Demon Wails.

Voyager Books  This is the UK imprint that the books come out under.  Do stop in and see what other outstanding authors they publish.


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