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Last-minute shoppers, have I got something for you!

It took me longer than I anticipated due to me being, ahem, down in Florida for the past few days. I like the snow, but I wasn’t quite done with the warmth yet, so I took some time off.

As soon as I heard there was white on the ground, though, Tim, the pups, and I came back. I’m getting the distinct impression that the pups, especially, are not pleased. Tim, I pacified by a whirlwind of decorating, (21 tubs of it) and now he’s in the Christmas mood. It’s his favorite time of year, hands down, and he mopes every January when I pack it all back in the basement.

I’m, however, still in a bind as I’ve got almost no shopping done and even less baking, which is where I usually lavish my time. I’m sure I’m not the only one pinched, so I’ve got a fairy painless way to scratch the Hollows lover off your list. It’s a print-out-and-put-under-the-tree card to take the place of a signed and/or personalized The Turn, which won’t be ready until February 7th, but you can order one now from Nicola’s. As soon as they are printed, I’ll be going in to start signing these bad boys. The sooner you order, the higher up on the list you’ll be.

The link to order is here: Signed and/or Personalized The Turn International is okay, and if you order now, there is a better chance of them arriving right on the release day. It’s those last-minutes orders that are at risk of having to wait until I get back from tour to sign. Just be sure to tell me who you want it signed to in the space provided when ordering.

Then click the card below to get to the high res picture, print out, put your own message in the space provided, and . . . relax! Your signed The Turn will be on its way. (Come February) But you’ve got to order one from Nicola’s first!

Also available at, but not signed:


Nicola's, my local store, is offering signed copies of The Drafter. They will ship overseas.



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