Romantic Times Convention 2008
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Pittsburgh 2008 Romantic Time's Conference

Okay, I told them I wasn't going to post this, but I really like it.  (grin)  Here I am with Jocelynn Drake (in the back, and Rachel Vincent. (across from me.)  The kitchen was really slow in the hotel, so we got out and wandered around for about a block and found a quiet place to grab a quick bite to eat between my panels. 

My first panel, with Jeannie Stein, Caridad Pineiro, L.A. Banks, myself, and Rosemary Lauren.

We had a great time, but wow, was it hot in there!  It was fantastic having a chance talk to Ms. Banks again, but alas, we did not meet on the dance floor this year.  (grin)

Second panel, Finding that Razor's Edge.  I saw someone I knew in the crowd, and I lost my entire train of thought, proving that I am, who I am.  (grin)  A itsy, bitsy, ditzy.  ;-)  But once I got going, it was a great panel.


My third panel, Me, Caitlin Kittredge, Carole Nelson Douglas, Jackie Kessler, Miriam Kriss, (with Irene Goodman Literary Agency) Mark Henry, and Richelle Mead. 

The highlight of the day was receiving from the RT reviewers, the 2007 Reviewers Choice Award for Best Urban Fantasy Protagonist for Rachel Morgan from FOR A FEW DEMONS MORE.  Yay!  The plaque went up about thirty minutes after I got home.  And on a personal note, I've never seen so many people before in one spot as in the awards banquette. 

The Mass Author Signing!  I look forward to this every time I go to RT.  It's my favorite event.  Here I am with all my books before the doors open.  Trust me, they didn't last long.  ;-)

And five minutes after the doors opened, the chaos started.  ;-)

Me and a couple of readers.  ;-)  I had to do the lean over the table thing since I wasn't on the end of a row.  Blahhh, but it worked out okay.


One of the best parts of a mass signing is getting a chance to meet your own favorite authors.  Here's me with Rachel Vincent, and then with Marjorie M. Liu before everything got started and we were all relaxed.  Course, I already knew Rachel . . .  (grin) but it was really cool seeing her sign books.  Made it all the more real for me.

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