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Joeseph-Beth, Lexington KY

Lexington, KY has been one of my usual stops for a while now, and being on the bus, (and not at the mercy of the gods and goddesses of the air) I had the time to do some media before the signing. Here I am with Lauren on their Books and Beyond segment at ABC36. If it is put on line, I'll link to it here. Short and sweet, and no spoilers--well, no big ones.

Trish, from Jo-Beth, came out to the studio, but it wasn't until later that day at the store that things started to really get going.

Me and my Drafter roadies! We gave away tour T's and a Kim Harrison tote bag, and then even the big Drafter banner.

The event was very laid back, with questions ranging from how to break into print all the way to my growing milkweed patch. (If you're looking for the knitted Monarch butterfly, I've got a post here.)

Love it when the kids come out, because if they see books are important to mom, they will be important to them.

Winners of the big banner! If I can, I'll be giving them away at each stop along with tour T's.

A close up of Spunk and his new friend. We both think they look like firelizards. I love seeing the dragons from the knit along. (Want to knit one? Get started here.)

A few people stayed until the end, and we got a great shot in front of the bus.

Bunny Cam Photos!

These are the pictures you take for me while waiting in line. Thanks, guys!


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