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B&N Nashville TN

Last stop was Nashville, at a fabulous B&N. Lots of roadies, which was a surprise because I believe this was the first time I had ever signed here. We had a great group of questions that made me think, and even a dragon for Spunk to commiserate with. ;-)

Just click to go to the high res copy.

This is me turning red when I realized, halfway through the Q&A, that my cousins were sitting in the audience.

Tim, handing out freebies. Despite what he claims about giving out spoiers for 10s and 20s, he knows better.

James, to my left, was right up front with me for most of the tour, keeping the sighing going smoothly. Thanks, James!

And just when I though we'd seen the last of the dragons, we had another, and Spunk got to talk to another of his siblings. This was a beauty! Thank you for bringing him out. :-)

The last group shot at Nashville. It had gone dark and warm by the time we got outside, a beautiful late summer night. Thanks, Guys. You make it all worth while.

Bunny Cam Photos! These are the pictures that you take for me while you're waiting in line. Thanks, Guys! You helped cap off a great tour!
If you're looking for the pictures that Premiere took of us, they are at

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