White Witch, Black Curse tour

I hit the tarmac on the twenty-seventh, but before that was a local signing at Charlotte NC.

Charlotte, NC Books A Million

And this shot says it all.   (grin)  My first stop was at Books-A-Million in Concord Mills Mall, and my local readers helped me kick it off with a bang!  There was actually one person who had read an ARC, and she didn't give away any spoilers. 

San Diego, CA -- Mysterious Galaxy

Me and my rodies!  The San Diego crew really outdid themselves this year, and I had tons of tour help!  (grin)  Thanks guys!  Mysterious Galaxy rocks!


Books Inc: San Francisco, CA

Me and my roadies in Books Inc in San Francisco!  Lots of familiar faces, and a few new ones!  I had a great time, and I hope Ms. S sends me back again!  Thanks, guys!


Borderlands, San Francisco, CA

I am so sorry, but I forgot to take a "family portrait," and no one reminded me!  I feel like such a dufus.  So instead, here's a shot of the crowd, which is cool in it's own right, but not what I had intended..  (sigh)


Third Place Books: Seattle, WA

Me and my Third Place Books roadies!  We had a fire alarm at the end of the Q&A, which made things interesting, but everyone came back in, and we finished up with the signings.


University Bookstore: Seattle, WA

Me and my University Bookstore roadies!  We're doing the bunny-eared, kiss-kiss.  I remember most of these people from last year, so it was very cool.


Powell's Books at Cedar Hills Crossing: Portland, OR

Powell's was fantastic!  I had a full house, and lots of roadies, two of them there only in spirit.  (shout out to Ms. G!)  The questions were great, and I want to thank all the folks at the end of the line who waited so patiently.  You guys rock!


Bookpeople: Austin, TX

Book People in Austin was my last stop of the tour, and I tell you, these people helped me end it right!  We had lots of roadies, and we gave away a few shirt.  And they even laughed at my jokes!  (grin)













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